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Foshan Golden Promise Import & Export Co., Ltd.established in 2005, locate in Foshan-industry production area of South China-Superiority and convenient location, which enjoys favorable geographical position and convenient transportation.

Gp Dental is belonging to Medical Sector of the company and it is the oversea department of Core Deep Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd- one of the famous dental manufacturers in South China. Since its inception, Gp Dental has been providing “one stop purchase service”- helped to purchase whole line of dental products from china for our customers, especially for our dealers of two own brands (Coredeep and Joinchamp) dental unit(CE 0123) from all over the World. Around six thousands of dental units and more and more of year have been deliveried to our customers every year from Gp Dental since 2006.

Gp Dental main products:

Dental supply

Dental Equipments
including :Dental unit , Dental X Ray , Autoclave, Led Curing Light, Apex Locator, Dental air compressor, Dental scaler, Dental mobile cart, portable dental unit, Orthodontic cabinet ,Dental vacuum system, Dental oral camera and Dental Amalgamator;

Dental Material including: Dental Alginate Impression, Acrylic Teeth, Glass Ionomer Cement, Dental Abrasive wheels, Internal Grinding wheel, Mixing tips

Dental Decoration products,

Dental Protective Products including: Dental Glasses, Dental X-ray Apron

Dental Lab Products including: Brush Electric Grinder, Modeling Machine, Vacuum forming machine

Dental Vacuum forming machine

Dental repair parts including: Syringe,
Dental handpieces and accessories, dental unit parts,

Medical Supply: Fist Aid Kit

Our dental unit factory is located in Building B, No.1 Keyang Road, Chancheng District, Foshan city .Condition and production environment certificated and recorded by Guangdong Province Medical Supervise Manage Bureau. All production is under the instruction of medical instrument policy and meet requirements of medical supervise management (ISO1348).

 With years of dental industry experience and our professional technical team, we guarantee that our products are manufactured and selected for their innovativeness, quality, integrity and value. And if you don't find what you're looking for on our website, just contact with us and we'll happily place a special order.

Our Everyday Low Pricing model ensures that you're getting the most competitive price, and our staffs are trained to provide you with the dental professional, and innovative dental solutions to any issue that you may have in your day-to-day activities. You can be assured of always receiving unbiased, helpful advice. Send e-mail to Place an online order today!


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