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Name : MD-1500 One-piece dental professional oral endoscope

MD-1500 One-piece dental professional oral endoscope

GP Dental 

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MD-1500 One-piece dental professional oral endoscope

Item No.: GP-MD-1500(Wired)


Display buttons illustration

A:Powerom/off B:Toggle key for oral camera and webcam
C:Toggle key for oral camera and PC(VGA)signal D:Toggle key for wire/wireless oral camera 
E:Toggle key for single and quad image  F:Remote control IR receiver and power indicator 
G:Delete key  H:Page Down 
I:Page Up  J:Volume Up 
K:Volume Down  L:Monitor Handle 
M:Camera Holder  N:Monitor built-in webcam 

Display back illustration

1:Monitor and holdeer connection

Fix LCD holder with screws in abcd holes


2:Montior connecting port illustration

A:DC 12V 3A power in B:Pedal in 
C:Video voice R-CH input  D:Video voice L-CH input 
E:Video input  F:USB port to connect with PC video and voice 
G:VGA port for PC signal input H:External oral camera port 
 I:Wire oral camera port  

3:SD card slot and external USB port

4:Camera wireless receiver port

5:WIFI sender antenna
Oral camera

Remote Control

2.Switch wire camera 
3.Switch wireless camera 4.Switch monitor camera 
5.Switch video input 6.Switch PC input 
7.Last photo  8.Delete photo 
9.Next photo  10.Freeze 
11.Menu ip  12.Wsitch single,quad images 
13:Menu left(Volume Down)  14:OK 
15:Menu Right(Volume Up)  16:Save photo to SD card 
17:Menu Down  18:Screen Setting Menu 

Picking Size


Gross weight: 5KG

Net weight: 3.25KG

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