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Name : Ceiling Mounted LED-K dental operating light

Ceiling Mounted LED-K dental operating light

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1.Using LED lamp pearl as the light source, energy conservation and environmental protection, and metope fixed use, save a space.

2.Six groups of lens distributed on the more than 150mm circumference, to ensure that the effects of irradiation at show less.

3.Suitable for out-patient department, department of stomatology, gynaecologist, general surgery eye and so on the many kinds of department of examination or surgery lighting

4.You can choose another type of LED light to fit with the Celling Mounted Arm.



1. Ceiling Mounted Design

2. Mobile Independent Design

3. Dental Chair Mounted Design

connectors diameter:22mm or 26mm

Technical features about LED-K operation light:

 Item  Specification  Remark 
Power supply AC12V-24V   
Power consumption  2-10W   
 Light intensity(lux) 7000-40000lux  In 700mm 
 Dimension of pattern 80x160  In 700mm 
 Colour temperature(K) 5000-6000k   
 CRI 85%   
Shadow(solution)  ø10mm oval  In 50mm 
Eye intensity(lux)  <200lux   
Net weight  1452g   
 Interaction range 20-80mm  
handle  Autoclavable handle cover   

Package Size: 

Celling Mounted Arm.640*300*200MM ,4.55KG


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