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Name : Latest Dental Chair ST-3604 2000 Type top mounted Chair Dental

Latest Dental Chair ST-3604 2000 Type top mounted Chair Dental

Item No.



ST-3604(2000 type,Top Mounted)


220±10V, 50±1Hz

Air pressure


Water pressure


Power Source


Packing Dimension


Gross weight


GP Dental 

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Integral Dental Unit
Model: ST-3604(2000 type)Top Mounted
Item No.: GP001-22

Body color: Cream(standard) white(optional)



Latest Dental Chair ST-3604(2000 Type) top mounted dental unit, The latest model in Coredeep dental product family with modern European design and exquisite engineering.Design by European designer with a well-proportioned and pleasing shape to meet your individual requirements during your practice. Integrated ErgoMotion ensures the patient comfort. Convenient hands-free operation, flexible configuration possibilities and intuitive chair positioning. The solution for all your everyday needs integrating safety,ergonomic operation and configuration variety.


ST-3604(2000type) top mounted type dental unit with a smooth cambered surface,makes patient comfortable.

A modern and streaming line design,has a nice looking,Unit box made of special material,modern,clean,and convenient.

To have a comfortable,treatment,backrest is designed according to the body line of human’s back.

Steady integral dental unit body comforts the patient and make the operation easy.




Dentist element

Latest Dental Chair

To mounted type instrument tray
Two high speed and one low speed handpiece hoses (2 holes or 4 holes) 

One syringe (cold) 
Silicon mat 


Assistant element

Latest Dental Chair

4-claw assistant element with anteroposterior position design equipped with standard syringe, saliva ejector and strong suction , also can be optional equipped with curing light. Independent filter for each suction hose for easy cleaning.


Ceramic cuspidor and Unit box

Latest Dental Chair       Latest Dental Chair

Swiveling and removable cuspidor

Seamless-design unit box, protects the inside parts from wetting and dusty. Swiveling ceramic cuspidor is comfortably accessible for the patient. Swivel out position is optimal for easy access of the assistant. The cuspidor can be easily removed for thoroughly cleaning. Cup filling and bowl rinsing outlets are removed for cleaning.

Buit-out and independent filter for each suction hose for better performance and easy cleaning.


Paient chair

Latest Dental Chair

Patient comfort

Excellent movement range of the patient chair from as low as 370mm to give you the possibility to adjust the chair freely for desired treatments.

Wide backrest and lumbar area support ensures stable and comfortable position during treatments. Since motion is just as critical to patient comfort, we also created different ways to synchronize the movement of the chair with the anatomy and motion of the patient. Like a virtual pivot that keeps the patient from having to “readjust” when the chair seat and back are in motion.

The ergonomic reclining backrest with lead rail structure supports the patient in comfort and accommodatesnatural bodystable movements.


Sensor control LED light

Latest Dental Chair

Sensor control LED light with longer life than normal light delivers consistent illumination with intensity regulation between 7,000 and 42000 Lux without need of fan cooling. The light can be controlled by sensor or touch panel. 3 axis positioning for maximum visibility. Handles of light can be removed for autoclave.

Latest Dental Chair

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